Sending a message to anyone who sends ‘AIDS’ messages to London (Monitoring Desk) on the Whatsapp, but the numbers that are not safe in your phone, sending them a message without an ad is very difficult. However, the website has now made this difficult task easier. The website report says the Wats app has an option for ‘click to chat’, through which the number can be sent and received on the phone without having to save the phone securely and was in the app. For this, the Wats app creates a link through which this user can be chatting. To get this link, write  in your browser and then press the phone number and press the inter-key button on which you want to send the message. For example, write the number + 0092- (305) 98765421 format in this method. When opening this link, the next page will appear in front of you, on which the ‘Messaging’ button will appear. Click on this button and start chatting with the person with that number.

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