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Monday , October 14 2019
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The 24.9 billion pixel camera image torn the world |TechyUrdu|

Do you think 15, 20 or 40 megapixel cameras are best if you have a picture of 24.9 billion pixel. This picture of Shanghai’s city of China was wired on a few days ago and watching it. You will also be surprised. Zoom in any part of this 360 panoramic picture and then zoom in and then zoom in and then zoom in. Yes, if you start looking at the image from the clouds, you can see zoom in the street, people walking on the street, see grass and more. You can see the photographs but pictures of you and once you have finished You will not be able to prevent yourself from trying it in different ways. Of course, there is no part of any photo that you can not see too much details and you are not alone to do so. Millions of people go on this link till now They can see these pictures and have discovered a lot. People have 24. From the 9 pixel picture, shares of your choice also shared on Twitter. The Chinese satellite with the help of quantum technology, in which you can also see the faces of your people clearly. Chen once again surprised the world. The Viral image on the photo Bug Pixel for the Shanghai government took a few other Take pictures of Chinese cities, but Shanghai’s first picture was taken in billions of pixels in Panoramas.


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