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Monday , October 14 2019
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The US Police Phone Tracking Company Hacked

The US Police Phone Tracking Company Hacked

The US Police Phone Tracking Company Hacked

US Police Phone TrackingThe Securus is a basically a phone tracking company that helps the police to track any phone which is within the U.S. Recently, The company was under a major attack when a hacker successfully hacked into their system.

According to Motherboard, the hacker may have at least 2800 login credentials in his possession. It is believed that these credentials were poorly protected and very easy to get access to them.

Securus can track the phones from a mobile number brands such as the AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint etc. U.S Law Enforcement was using those services to track down the calls of the prison inmates.

In many cases, the Securus has helped several missing people by pinpointing the location of their phones and for this attack on the company has shocked everyone.

How Were The Credentials Weakly Protected?

The investigation revealed that the passwords were hashed MD5 algorithm was used for protection. MD5 is an old method and which is labeled for weak protection. While Microsoft has to get rid of this protection years before.

MD5 was the fact which was used to hash the passwords that passwords were hacked.

The motherboard has clearly stated that they as well received the plain text passwords from the data.


The motive behind this attack is not yet clear, but it looks like those data will be available for the sell. It is very important for these companies to tighten their security and implement strong and reliable hashing passwords.

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