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Tuesday , October 15 2019
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Whatsapp… Good news came for consumers

Whatsapp… Good news came for consumers

'Now you can share this item with Facebook on the Wats app ...' Good news came for consumers


San Francisco (New York Times)If you want to share your Facebook post in the Wats app, now it’s time to come to an end. According to the website ‘Gadgets Now’, Facebook is testing a new feature that will help Facebook post content share on Whatsapp.

Although it was not officially talked about by Facebook or Whatsapp, many internet users say they have received the beta version of this feature and they are testing it. For this, clicking on the Share button in the Facebook app will show three options, including Shared Now, Wright Post and Sand-waws app. If you have a picture or video on Facebook, then the option for ‘Sand In Watts app’ will also appear, which will generate a link by clicking on. This link can be shared with any Whatsapp user.

The feature in the ‘Sand-WhatsApp’ will be exactly the same as the Widespread app button that looks at many websites. Although this feature will also be interested in ordinary users, technology experts believe Facebook is introducing it to business users. Through this feature, the products on Facebook Marketplace can also be shared on the Whatsapp, which will be very useful for their marketing.

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